About The Social Enterprise

Malpas Court Social Enterprise is a local community project, which was set up to encourage community development and engagement with  local people in the community, in December 2009. Malpas Court  gives people opportunities to find employment with initiatives that help young adults to gain employment.  Malpas’s level of unemployment is very high compared to the rest of Newport. The Social Enterprise has three main areas of concern relating to employment, focussing on; food and refreshments to the general public, businesses and functions, grounds maintenance; which carries out grounds and gardening services to local residents, and businesses within the local area.  plus we offer childcare facilities, for anyone that needs it. Our childcare provisions are mainly  for  local children aged between 3 and 11 yrs old. In 2012, we will be offering wedding services, we have obtained licences and promotions etc. which can only help generate revenue to encourage more people into employment. The Social Enterprise was registered as a limited company on 18th June 2010. The company  has employed up to 30 people at any one time, since December 2009. Most of which have been recruited via the old Future Job Fund and other employment based work programs. FJF (Future Job Fund) allowed young people between 18 – 24 the opportunity to gain six months paid employment and training with the progression to further employment if possible. All of the employees we have employed have either been long term unemployed or have difficulties in securing employment. Malpas Court Social Enterprise offers training for employees of the different sections;  food hygiene, Safer Food Better Business, Manual Handling, Health and Safety, NVQ’s for childcare and other appropriate training.

The Social enterprise offers an affordable wrap around childcare provision, allowing jobseekers with childcare needs, who find it hard to afford  a service, enabling them to return to the jobs market.

We also work with training providers to allow young people to gain experience in the work place.

The future plans for the Social Enterprise will be to increase our number of employees in all sections, for the cafe to expand; by offering outside catering, expand the use of our venues for weddings and other functions.

Develop a self sufficient produce growing  programme for the cafe, by means of allotments and polytunnel,  also becoming a local supplier for the locals supplying plants, shrubs, vegetables and recycled wood bark for decorative purposes.

Projects Aims:-

To secure sustainable employment for long term unemployed who live in a deprived area. To include teaching basic life skills, confidence building, self esteem and instilling a work ethic to break the cycle of a benefit culture which exists.

To encourage people to become active citizen’s within their communities.

Create a training facility that tackles disadvantage for the residents of Malpas court and other disadvantaged groups.

Provide access to social, recreation, entertainment, cultural and leisure opportunities for all age groups and sections of the community.

Provide a quality cost-effective catering service which accords with Malpas Court’s aims and objectives.

Promote and market Malpas Court Social enterprise and activities to increase public awareness and maximize the use of the facility.

Provide highly motivated appropriately qualified and friendly staff who are well trained to provide a high standard of customer care and training.

Provide a high standard of maintenance to ensure a clean, warm, safe facility environment and retain high standards of internal and external appearance of the facility.

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